Talis is a dice rolling app developed to support multiple games or configurations of dice. It currently supports Shadowrun and D6 dice.

It's a hobby project of mine. You can find it OpenSource on GitHub. I started this as a side project to relax, let's see where it will go.

Feel free to reach out 😁

Mobile use

Talis is optimized for use on mobile.

On mobile it will work best if used in "fullscreen" or as an installed application, as it is designed to use your entire screen. Use the pop up or install it from your browsers menu. Please note that this will not make the application available offline!

Color Theme

You can select your favorite theme from the drop down in the drawer menu on the left. On desktop you can also change the theme from the navbar.


You can change the apps language from the sidebar. Supported languages:

  • English
  • Deutsch

The information pages are currently only available in English though.

Sluggish rolling

If rolling becomes sluggish, try clearing the list of results to speed the app up again. Should not happen for the first 1000 rolls or so.